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welcome babe, nice to meet you.
I am Elizabeth Faye.


I believe you can have your cake & eat it too.

I am an expert in business strategy, a mindset coach and an award-winning colorist. I nerd out over helping entrepreneurs grow their dream biz while having an awesome life outside of work. I am disregarding the myth we were taught that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Why in the world would I want a cake if I can’t eat it too ??? I teach entrepreneurs how to bake their own cake from scratch, eat the damn thing guilt-free and encouraging them to share a piece with a friend (hell even sell a slice or two to buy your dream house.) In case you haven’t caught on yet “CAKE” represents your bomb-ass future life filled with dream clients, vacations, family, friends, and abundance.




resources to bring ABUNDANCE into your life AND BIZ

We host life-changing live educational retreats that are all created around our #escapetolearn concept. We believe that we learn deeper and greater change happens when you learn in special environments outside of your comfort zone. We create experience education. We travel to unique places and transform outdoor spaces to become a magical playground for learning.

We also are leaders in our space when it comes to educational media and digital education. Listen to our Podcast, Hair Love Radio for endless inspiration and free education weekly. Our digital coaching program is a community-based experience online. Diving deep with our team of coaches into expert topics like digital marketing, finances, branding, social media and color expertise. Hundreds are changing their business daily. Join the tribe.




Elizabeth faye salon

Elizabeth Faye Salon is a luxury boutique salon and education space located in beautiful Southern Utah. We specialize in natural coloring and extensions. We do this with hair painting, balayage and an array of extensions options.

We would love to pamper you.