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Unicorn Festival Hair Tutorial

Festival Season is upon us and you may not know but my husband goes to Coachella almost every year and other festivals as well. So at our house it is music season all year. 

I went to Coachella when we first got married (and I was pregnant) so I basically should win an award or something because if you have ever been outside for four whole days in Palm Springs with violent morning sickness (which is not only in the morning! it's "all day sickness")  you would understand why I should receive a medal or something of the sort.

I didn't quite have the hippy/dreamy/psychedelic experience I was hoping for but I will say this I love music festival fashion. I will be sharing some boho babe looks, fashion finds, music your ears need and some Coachella tips if you are going this year.

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Rivendell Elvish Braids Tutorial

You may or may not know this about me but I LOVE the Lord of the Rings Movies&Books. With that comes my love for the Hobbit as well. I actually named my son after a character from Lord of The Rings. There you go, funny fact about my little family.

When I watched the Hobbit movie (In 3d Imax, ooooohhhh yeahhhh) I was overwhelmed with a deep deep love and obsession for the Elvish braids. Like I really want to throw on a pair of ears and make a video. I really might do this, so don't be alarmed if I do. 

But on to braiding!....

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French Fishtail Pigtail Braid

Is this Boho Grunge look not to die for? I am completely and utterly obsessed with pigtails at the moment, but not the kind you wore to grade school of course. I am talking messy, sexy, pigtails.

This is a simple look but I love the way it wears over a couple hours it rubs on your shirt and gets even looser and messier and I am completely in love. Seriously, every time I have worn this look to work people freak out because they love it so much.  

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The Twisted Pony Braid Holiday Style

Not only is this one total eye candy because this color has got me all sorts of hungry for candy colored hair, but this easy twisted pony style will have you ready to throw on a cocktail dress and earnings and head out to a holiday party in no time!

The Holidays come creeping around the corner and then suddenly you find your self in a pinch for some fancy styles for all your holiday parties. We got you covered this season. You bring the champagne and we will supply your latest lip color & hairstyle.

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