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Why I Decided to Stop Hating & Start Loving my Body Type

Being a big girl is TOUGH stuff. You feel the need need to be sexy, beautiful, womanly, motherly, professional, wifely, modest ...blah blah blah...and accepted in the eyes of society. You must be age appropriate, and sexually attractive...but not to sexual because your over 30...or a mom...or a professional...but you can't be too mom-frumpy because that's not beautiful either ...YUCK. Not to mention BODY IMAGE! I would dare to say most women have struggled with being in love with their own body image and own image from the age of 12 on...Ladies isn't it FUCKING time we start learning to love every inch of our imperfectly perfect bodies?

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5 #girlboss Tips to Hiring your First Assistant & Doing it All

I get asked ALL the time in my classes about how I do it all? It's a question that makes me chuckle because I personally always feel like I am failing at something or multiple things. As a mother, salon owner, educator, passionate creative and born entrepreneur...I always feel a strong desire to do more, be more...and the question of how to balance more is always in the forefront of my mind. And maybe yours too?

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Let your light shine a little brighter

Well hello friends , it has been SOO long since I have blogged. The list goes on of reasons but I have missed journaling and sharing my life in blog form. I am going to be sharing twice a week from here on out and really excited for what the future holds. I want to chat about a topic dear to my heart and maybe get a little personal. When we follow our path and share it with's like an amazing domino effect. It without words gives permission to everyone around us to do the same. To reach a little higher, to speak our truths a little clearer, to let go of fear and to shine brighter. Let your light shine. Your freak flag fly! You feel me?

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