5 #girlboss Tips to Hiring your First Assistant & Doing it All

I get asked ALL the time in my classes about how I do it all? It's a question that makes me chuckle because I personally always feel like I am failing at something or multiple things. As a mother, salon owner, educator, passionate creative and born entrepreneur...I always feel a strong desire to do more, be more...and the question of how to balance more is always in the forefront of my mind. And maybe yours too?

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Let your light shine a little brighter

Well hello friends , it has been SOO long since I have blogged. The list goes on of reasons but I have missed journaling and sharing my life in blog form. I am going to be sharing twice a week from here on out and really excited for what the future holds. I want to chat about a topic dear to my heart and maybe get a little personal. When we follow our path and share it with others...it's like an amazing domino effect. It without words gives permission to everyone around us to do the same. To reach a little higher, to speak our truths a little clearer, to let go of fear and to shine brighter. Let your light shine. Your freak flag fly! You feel me?

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How to Style A Beanie Four Ways

The smell of Pumpkin lattes has got me all geared up for boot socks, layers and beanies. Bikinis, see ya later! Truth be told, I was still getting ready for bikini season anyways so bringing on those fall leaves and leather jackets baby! Can anyone deny that a leather jacket automatically makes your bad-ass-0-meter go up by like a bazillion. Beanies kind of give me that same bad girl vibe and make getting ready a breeze, if you want jazz it up , I got you covered.

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Getting ready with Mommy

Being a mom, getting ready isn't typically a glamorous experience. The truth is my most peaceful experience getting ready are when I let him destroy something valuable so I have mastered the art of getting ready really fast. I have become pro at quick tricks. Getting quick volume, fast pinterest curls, contouring and driving, and other dangerous things. The first picture is what I think getting ready will look like in the mind...that is.

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Pros & Cons of the Undercut Trend

Sometimes my inner punk teen gets the best of me, even as a married/mother/business owning adult you need to let your freak flag fly. I recently joined the undercut club, and I'm feeling cool as ever. I'm pretty ecstatic to be rocking a trend that celebs like Rihanna, Rosario Dawson, Ellie Goulding and my all time girl crush Grimes are proving to be a trend worth a try.  

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Toddler Fashion for Boys

Do you ever find your self so out of touch with certain parts of yourself? While you were on this like partial mental hiatus that you were able to get to know another part of yourself you didn't know about? Do I sound deep? I am feeling pretty deep right now guys haha.

I am about to get a bit personal, I was thrown into motherhood mid career, newly married and completely mentally unprepared and found myself at a loss for words, thoughts and emotions. I hate to admit it but it took me awhile to adjust and I honestly feel like I am just barely getting use to my life and feeling like I could attempt to honestly say, "I am getting in a groove." . I guess I take a minute to adjust to change and find my footing.

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