All About Eyebrows!


Alright, this has been long over-promised and now I am telling all about my eyebrows, products, face tattooing (yes I have a face tattoo ) and eyebrow extensions! Are you ready for this ...probably not, but here we go.

Alright, I have used MANY products for my eyebrows but as far as your eyebrows are concerned ...don't be afraid to spend a bit more. Your eyebrows actually can change the way you look more than any other feature on your face. They can make you look angry, older, tired or they can make you look awake, refreshed, draw attention to your eyes, minimize unflattering features and compliment your face shape. As far as products go I have yet to find a product that I love more than the Anastasia makeup line.

I really really love and find the Brow Wiz pencil to be the most customer-friendly. Especially if you are still getting the hang of having yo brows be on fleeeek girl!

If you are more comfortable with an angled brush and a dip pot, their's is really really fabulous - check it out here-Brow Dip pot. And honestly you don't need an expensive brush, I found a good/affordable one here- Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Brush Green Bambu Series - Angled Brow 762

Alright, let's talk about colors, of course, I cannot match you perfectly on this post but I will share some helpful hints. Basic color-coding below >---|>

Redheads- use auburn (it's awesome with any redhead)

Blondes- typically ashy tones and anything with the word "taupe" in it is perfect, blondes you want your brows slightly darker than your hair

Brunettes- NO BLACK BROWS, you hear me?! Okay, go slightly lighter and warm tones are typically more flattering on most.

Black hair-A warm dark brown is usually perfect, no BLACK brows.

Mermaid hair- whatever you want girl!

Breaking the rules- if you are going for an edgy high contrast look these rules don't have to apply, these are basics standards to go by for natural-looking results. 

Eyebrow tattooing, who to trust? My good friend Alanna Uasike who is the founder or Precisbrows, you can check out her work on Instagram or here. She truly is a brow artist, she also teaches. I have attended two of her trainings and I can tell you ...LIFE CHANGING! The only woman I trust to give me a face tattoo and I am forever glad I did.


I am playing with some other eyebrow goodies (eyebrow extensions...I have been getting them done and testing them out) and will have to report back the yay/nay of them as well. Wellf or now..what have you learned? You have learned that face tattoos are awesome! Signing out! xoxo

Go to my INSTAGRAM to leave your questions about eye brow tattoos , I will be answering them in a future post.


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