Everyday Beauty Must-Haves


There is an overwhelming amount of products to fall in love with and break the bank with. I like to keep it simple for my own sake and for the sake of my clients. I break it down in another post I wrote about the products that everyone needs and then we go into wants (or specific needs). You can read that here.

I also recently started offering a new service, online hair coaching. I break down what products would be best suited for your hair type and needs in all different budgets. Then I touch on tools and daily routine changes you can make. It's an easy process, you take a survey that I send you and I send you your personalize hair results. You can learn more right here. NO more bad hair days!

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Okay ladies, back to business. These are my daily must-haves and products I use all the time. I explained why below. Enjoy. I would love to hear your "must-haves" and daily favorites! Comment below what you can't live without!


A Shower Cap:

Seeing that I only wash my hair MAX two times a week, I have to have one of these babies! I found a couple cute ones. If you are going to look silly anyways I figure might as well have fun with it, I am obsessed with the cupcake one... my husband one the other hand may not be so obsessed with it.

**BETTY DAIN The Hipster Collection Shower Cap Flower Power BDC5180

**Ore Originals Living Goods Shower Cap Black Skull

**NPW Cupcake Shower Cap

**Mademoiselle Shower Cap Bouffant Pouch Hat Bath Hair Waterproof Spa Bathing Gift

Makeup Setting Spray:

I never leave the house without topping off my makeup with a setting spray. It does just what it says, set makeup. It is a great way to keep makeup looking fresh all day. If you love the dewy look, or you are a bit on the oily side and need a shine reducer you can use different setting sprays to aid with that.

Here are a few, the first two are drugstore products that I love. They are very affordable and great. The second is my favorite setting spray but a bit more expensive.

**Drugstore favorites, If you have oil skin this one is for you : NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray, Matte Finish/Long Lasting, 2.03 Ounce

**Drugstore Favorites, To add a dewy glow this one is for you: NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray, Dewy Finish/Long Lasting, 2.03 Ounce

**A professional brand of setting spray: Urban Decay Setting Spray

A good mask:

Learn more about this in one of my past post -go here

**This is my all time favorite mask-L'Oreal Kerastase Reflection Chroma Captive Shine Intensifying Masque 200ml/6.8oz - Colour Treated Hair

Leave In Conditioner: 

Learn more about this is one of my past post-go right here!

**This is one of my favorites :It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, 10-Ounce Bottle

Beauty Blender:

So I taught as a make specialist for 2 1/2 years and in trainings I would always hear about these beauty blenders. I was so weary of trying them because I loved and was use to using my brushes. When I finally stepped out of my box and used one I wanted to hit myself in the face.

They are amazing! Easy, cheap and you can use them forever!

You can cleanse them with facial cleaner or a tree tree shampoo. I like them because I can get an airbrushed look with my foundation by patting and rolling my foundation in with them. It helps the makeup to not be smudged into my fine lines and wrinkles and it's a great tool for blending and contouring. I feel a video tutorial coming on !

Anyways, don't be a smuck like me & take forever to try these. You will not regret it. I found a good bundle of blenders below for a great price.

**Bundle Monster 4pc Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender Foundation Puff Multi Shape Sponges

Wet Brush- Everyone needs a wet brush, it helps that they are super affordable too! Best brush ever for combing wet hair, and I use to blow dry hair all the time. Great for getting out tangles and depending on your type of extensions can be a great brush.

**The Wet Hair Brush, Metallic Purple

**I just love the color of this one : My Wet Brush Happy Hair, Daisy, 4.8 Ounce

**the mini wet brush, great for a girl on the go: Wet Brush Squirt Mini Pocket Detangling Hair Brush

**Cute combo of wet brush and mini brush : The Wet Brush Happy Hair Collection, Value Pack (Daisy)

Enjoy !