French Fishtail Pigtail Braid


Is this Boho Grunge look not to die for? I am completely and utterly obsessed with pigtails at the moment, but not the kind you wore to grade school of course. I am talking messy, sexy, pigtails.

This is a simple look but I love the way it wears over a couple hours it rubs on your shirt and gets even looser and messier and I am completely in love. Seriously, every time I have worn this look to work people freak out because they love it so much.  

I have currently been working on changing up my blog and brand, what do you guys think? It's a lot more black but I am hoping when it is done , it is easier to get around and a great place to for you to turn to for reviews and hair advice.

I have really been loving blogging about braids lately and have even considered doing a weekly braid. Just a fun idea. I love to hear your thoughts so feel free to share. Also, how hot is Jenny (this lovely pink haired model) she is a babe.

Our family had a lovely holiday , I hope you did too. We spent most of our holiday in Saint George but snuck to Vegas twice last week to see my family. It was kind of a weird one because my brother and his wife and children couldn't come this year and my sister just left on her mission (which has been really hard for me) so it was sort of a lonely Christmas. Having a baby at Christmas added the right amount of magic to make up for it but it was still kind of a different Christmas.

Well I hope you enjoy this braid, I am really excited about this one.


Start by french braiding just as you would start a normal french braid but of course, french PIG TAIL braid.


Once you french braid all your hair and you get to this point use a clear elastic to tie it off.


Now begin your fishtail braid.


Braid as far down as you can without the layers coming out everywhere. If you need to tie yours off a bit earlier that's ok, or just braid tighter.


Use the flower braid technique to add volume to the braid. Do this by tying off the braid with an elastic and grab one strand of hair and pull. This will cause the braid to bunch up. 


Bump up your braid by pulling at it to make it thicker . Do this by tugging on both sides of the braid, do this all the way down. Get as messy as you like! I didn't get too crazy because it will get messier as the day goes on!


Bam bam! Be a doll and pin the tutorial below, if you love it.