French Twist Updo


Hello babes! I am back with DAY THREE of the 12 Braids of Christmas. Today I have a pictorial for you. I hope you love it and try it. If you do be sure to tag me and please share if you love. Also subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and blog to get tutorials sent straight to your inbox. This beautiful photography is done by Amie Pendle, I refer her to everyone (she is amaze balls)!

1. Take 2 stands of hair and twist

2. As if you were french braiding gather hair from each side and add it to each of the strands of hair you just twisted

3. Twist again

4. Continue this until all your hair is pulled into the twist

5. Twist the two pieces until the end of the hair or until the layers start popping out everywhere

6. Tie the end with a elastic

7. Roll under and bobby pin into place securely

8. Let it go and it will loosen up and be a loose pretty up do, if you have alot of layers or shorter hair it helps it make everything tighter as you are twisting because it will loosen quite a bit.

9. Rock it!

 photo elizsig3_zps8581c691.jpg