Getting ready with Mommy

Being a mom, getting ready isn't typically a glamorous experience. The truth is my most peaceful experience getting ready are when I let him destroy something valuable so I have mastered the art of getting ready really fast. I have become pro at quick tricks. Getting quick volume, fast pinterest curls, contouring and driving, and other dangerous things. The first picture is what I think getting ready will look like in the mind...that is.

I always envision myself staring into my mirror saying , "You go , girl boss. Today is your day! And by the way, your hair looks on point."

My son softly categorizing my NYX glosses into piles and never never taking the caps of my mac lip stick and shoving his finger into them and smearing it across his face or pants, or carpet. NEVER.


Then reality sets in and the lipstick gets all over my white walls, and my makeup kits turns into more of an expensive tantrum and my hot tools into a preview of a trip to the emergency room and I start the attention giving . We are about two minutes into this process and I am only 1/4th through my head , which is pretty fast , but not fast enough.

Kisses, cuddles, and yes I will be late to work again, and I probably won't post my Instagram post on time but that s okay because he won't stay little forever.


Two mac lipsticks down, and I am down curling my hair and we are only 10 minutes in and we are ready to go . With just a little bit of coral and purple on his face we are out the door. My daycare must think , I am a crazy but that's okay too . 

I will take the imperfectness EVERY morning, because I love it all, and I am thankful it is captured so perfectly.


Like, can you handle that naughty face?

I am down a couple mac lip sticks but that's okay too. #MOMLIFE