Hair Color Q&A


Hair painting is a technique and a form of coloring. Bleach is hand-painted onto the hair.

It is done with particular brushes, paddles, and alternative foils or no foils. It can be with non-swelling bleach that sits on the surface of the hair can be directly applied exactly where the hair artist applies it.

It is the best way to create a natural-looking color. Color mimics the way the sun would kiss hair.

It is a revolutionary technique that can be applied to any desired color & allows for quicker application & softer, perfectly blended, seamless color results.

This is a specialty service and can be a bit of an investment but results in lower maintenance coloring services. It is a revolutionary technique that can be applied to any desired color & allows for quicker application & softer, perfectly blended, seamless color results.


Balayage originates from the French term "balayer" , meaning sweep. French & European bleaches are the most popular bleaches being used for "balayage" , "hair paining" services in salons.

Balayage is to "hand paint" hair color onto the hair. Hair painting is a more visual term of balayage. Balayage has been around for years but as of lately these sorts of color services are the most asked for salon services.

Ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston had such perfectly "sun-kissed" locks? Yep, you guessed it ...balayage.


"Lived In color" , a term I use a lot online when describing my colors. Color that simply has a lived-in feel.

Men will ask in the salon for a haircut that doesn't look like they "just got a haircut". Same sort of idea with women's color.

Color that has blended graduation from dark to light. This is not "ombre" but a much more subtle transition.

This gives women the depth of dark hair by the face that can highlight their eyebrows & eyes. Yet giving them the dimension of multiple colors & bright ends for a pop of light.

The perfect marriage of dark & light. You can be a blonde as you want with little too, no maintenance hair by creating "lived-in color" for your clients.


Olaplex has been a complete game-changer for stylists and for the industry.

Olaplex is a product that is an additive to any lighter/bleach. It helps protect the hair while lighting.

It allows the stylist to push the limits, bleach more aggressively and helps prevent/keep damage to a minimum.

There are a few uses for Olaplex but ask your stylist today about using Olaplex for your next service.

It is an expensive luxury product worth every penny. Remember that this is not the cure-all & still use caution with bleach, this is just an aid.


As a stylist the way I style hair is like my own personal signature on my looks. The way I curl and braid hair allows me to personalize every look that leaves the salon.

It is important to be able to educate your guests on how they can understand their hair type & style their hair.

Did you know I created an online course?

The Ultimate Hair Styling Guide, it is everything you could imagine and more.

It will be launched in September and I can't wait to share more with you. I also have a braiding workshop coming up.

Stay tuned.

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