Laser Hair Removal Q & A


I have told you before how much I love laser hair removal and I am telling you again!

I thought I would spill the truth…all of it. Every woman dreams of having a hairless body but far too often do hopefuls spend more than I would like to admit at a med spa and don’t get the result they dreamed of. Empty pocketed they head to the drugstore for another razor and it’s back to square one. Have you been considering laser hair removal but nervous to take the plunge due to “she said, she said”.

Who is a good candidate for Laser?

Really everyone is a good candidate but the results vary on everyone due to skin pigment, and how dark your hair is. Darker skin causes pigment changes…so the lighter the skin, the darker the hair, the better. Which is why my hairy, white body loves laser hair removal haha.

So to answer your question, if you are covered in blonde are not a good candidate for laser. Do you have dark and blonde, laser would be great for you but remember it's the dark hair that is really going to be gone and those blonde hairs just might stay put. Are you a white girl like me? Covered in thick nasty dark course hair? Well then you better RUN to get laser. (I just described myself so don't mind me)

How much does Laser cost?

The price varies due to the laser, where you live and where you are getting it. Under arms are typically are 50-60 per treatment, legs start around 150, and your “you know where” is typically around 100-120 a treatment. It is recommended to get 4-6 treatments. Typically spas have package deals that are cheaper.

It is worth the money but only if you keep on top of your appointments. It is VERY important to stick with the recommended time in between treatments.

What can’t you do during/between treatments? 

Avoid sun exposure before AND after laser treatments to reduce the chance of  hyper/hypo pigmentation. Which you do not want!

If you are doing laser through summer like me you might want to wait til fall to do your legs if you are a sun worshiper. I will be honest, I work all the time and I am lucky to hit the beach once in the summer so I stick to my spray tans. Which you can do with laser but you want to make sure it is completely worn off before you come back for your next appointment. I wait about a week about getting laser to get a spray tan then I make sure my last spray tan is at least 2-3 weeks before my next appointment to make sure it is all worn off. But if you are just doing your underarms and the "you know what" area then you should be good to go during summer just be careful in the sun.

How long do the results of Laser Hair Removal last?

It is different for everyone, some women will experience tiny grow back throughout the years and get touch ups occasionally and other women it’s forever.

My experience from talking to women everyday is that almost everyone experiences a tiny grow back throughout the years and get’s a touch up here and there.  What’s a quick touch up every five years though, compared to daily shaving!?

Can I shave if I do Laser?

Yes, and thank gosh! But first things first, you MUST stop using any hair removal agent a few weeks before treatment. So, NO waxing, tweezing or Nair.

Really tho, if you are using Nair you should just stop doing that no matter what haha! It is recommended that you shave 1-2 days before getting laser, so don’t show up being a jungle woman.

I hope that answers all your questions! If not leave your comments below and I am happy to help a sister out!