Let Your Light Shine a Little Brighter

Well hello friends, it has been SOO long since I have blogged. The list goes on of reasons but I have missed journaling and sharing my life in blog form.

I am going to be sharing twice a week from here on out and really excited for what the future holds. I want to chat about a topic dear to my heart and maybe get a little personal.

When we follow our path and share it with others...it's like an amazing domino effect. It without words gives permission to everyone around us to do the same. To reach a little higher, to speak our truths a little clearer, to let go of fear and to shine brighter. Let your light shine. Your freak flag fly! You feel me?

Since my last blog post, my entire life has changed. Literally.

I have been traveling the nation, following my dreams, I have watched years and years of hard work start to turn into something tangible, I have had some the greatest moments of my career and some great success this year.

On a less exciting note, I have also survived a divorce, become a single mom, left my religion, felt more pain than I knew I could survive and embraced the woman I have wanted to be my entire life without fear (not easy shit!).

The good news...I am still alive (yay!) & I can say with absolute clarity ...I am truly the happiest I have ever been to. Is this how I thought my life would look like? Hell NO! It's not what I would have chosen but it's the path I am on and I know that all of these things are what make up the pieces who I am. And I like her.

So know with complete certainty, if you are undergoing trials that feel like there is no light at the end. You are the light, you just can't see it yet. You surviving, growing, evolving and waking up every day and by doing more or just being...is light. It will pass and your light will shine so bright it will inspire others.

You could say 2015 and 2016 have been some of the worst and best times of my life so far. My business exploded as my personal life turned to ashes all at the same time...remember I have a toddler too!  I had to learn to let go of so many things...fear, doubt, anxiety, money, my life as I knew it and try to push forward in the best way possible.

So I encourage you this week to write down some of the things that bring LIGHT into your life. 

I encourage you to embrace those parts of yourself and be that person more. 

Like my boo Rihanna says "Shine bright like a diamond"... hahaha

Anyways- so you know what to expect...I will be posting some life/hair/work blog inspiration once a week & another post on either tutorials/travel/fashion. What do you guys want to see?? Comment below

Shine bright & all my love. Elizabeth Faye xo

(TOP SECRET...I have a new website coming in the next 6 weeks & there is talk of a YOUTUBE channel...)