My Favorite Products For Damaged Hair


Today I want to talk about when to spend and when to splurge when it comes to products. Most of us have either heat damaged or chemical damaged hair or both! When it comes to mask and leave it conditioner the answer is simple, SPLURGE!

When people ask me what my top 3 MUST have products are I believe that across the matter your hair type/texture is ... you NEED:

1. a good shampoo

2. a good conditioner/ mask

3. a leave in conditioner/heat protectant

Everything else is a specific need/want after that. Do you need volume? You buy mousse or texture spray. Maybe you have frizzy hair, you buy oil  . You want to extend the period you go without washing your hair you buy dry shampoo and so on. Although I highly suggest using professional products 90% of the time. I use cheaper professional products for some things and I splurge on others.

Here is a hair challenge/vrs solution chart that is shared in my Beauty Workshop and that is apart of my Online How to Style your Hair course . I teach how to find the solution to your problems then I share a list of products that I recommend for each of these challenges.


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MASK: If you have tangly hair you will want a conditioner and mask. If you have blonde or chemically damaged hair you will need a mask. If you have thick or dry hair you will want a mask. If you have split ends or heat damaged hair you will need a mask.

A mask is what body butter is to lotion.

It is a thicker more condensed version of conditioner and typically is a form of a hair treatment. You do not want to put your conditioner or mask on your roots.

Apply no higher than your ears, I typically stay mid-ear and below. I like to use my mask in place of conditioner most the time. I have both but I love that even if I don't have time to leave my mask on long enough to be considered a treatment when I use my mask it leaves my hair feeling silky as if I just did a treatment.

I try to get a treatment in every 2 -3 weeks. If you are going blonder or dealing with seriously damaged hair I would suggest doing it once a week.


I don't like to have a million products so I try to find products that I love that incorporate multiple things that my hair needs. I like to find something that is a light weight leave in that helps with detangling hair and protecting my hair from heat. 12 benefits is a pump spray and a light weight oil consistency.

It smells like candy and goes pretty far. I have a couple similar products I like just as well but this one is one of my favorites. The candy smell, gets me every time plus the price is right!


1. It's a 10 Mask: One of my favorite mask for the price. Great for all hair types. Get it here - It's A 10 Miracle Hair Mask , 8-Ounces Jars

2. Kerastase Chroma Riche Mask- My favorite mask to date. A little goes a long way, great for helping hair color not fade. Hair feels like silk and it can be used on all hair types. (I don't love it for hair that has NEVER been colored) Get it here - Kerastase Reflection Chroma Riche Treatment Masque, 6.8 Ounce

3. 12 Benefits: Seal hair color +Smooth frizz + Repair damage + Prevent split ends + Moisturize dry hair + Strengthen fragile hair + Prevent flat iron damage + Prevent chlorine, wind & sun damage + Add shine, softness and a silky finish + Protect hair from blow-drying + Improve detangling & manageability + Keep hair youthful = 12 benefits. I use this right after the shower before I even comb my hair. Get it here - 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment, 6 oz

4. Caviar Repair Mask- a new mask I found out about and I love it. Great for damaged hair of all sorts and wonderful for blondes. Hair feels silky smooth and can be used as a treatment. You will be addicted you have been warned!  Get it here- Alterna Caviar Repair RX Micro-Bead Fill & Fix Treatment Masque-6 oz.

5.Pair the Caviar Mask with the Protein Cream- think of this as an alternative to the leave in conditioner. Run this through middle of hair through ends before air drying or blowdrying. Works wonders, makes hair manageable and soft. Get it here- Alterna Caviar Repair RX Re-Texturizing Protein Cream 5.1 FL Oz

Now go have better hair days ,

xoxo Elizabeth Faye