Portland Travel Guide/Journal

If you don't already love Portland than you NEED to take a long weekend and GO. Like now.

So I taught in Portland a couple months ago. It was my second time back this year to teach and my first time going when it was rainy. Seems weird, right? Last time I went in Spring & it was perfection, I hear summer is a must as well. It seemed fitting to be in Portland in the rain though. First thing my assistant and I noticed of course was the green, but was the leaves turning. Being a born and raised desert rat I am not familiar with what REAL seasons look like. Our very depressed but interesting uber drive informed us that , "This is not fall yet." but to us we were in awe of the color.

Traveling for work has its perks and it's downfalls. I won't lie, I get sick of airplanes, living out of a suitcase and the constant never feeling settled because as soon as I get home and in my groove...it's time to fly again. On the positive...it's been one of the most eye opening, inspiring and refreshing experiences of my life. I have been able to eat my way through a lot of the US this year, shopped everywhere, has some of the funniest, worst, best moments of my life. I truly believe that traveling is something we NEED to do. It has taught me so much meeting different people, seeing different things and new perspectives. I am much more open minded, understanding and willing to love different types of people.

Our class was packed & went really well but I am not sure I brought clothes fitting for the weather. None the less I shared some fall favorites I have been coveting ...and some Portland must do's!


5 must have things to do & number 6 must have thing to do is to go back and do more. It's seriously one of my favorite cities.

  1. You have to stay at the ACE HOTEL ...great location , rad vibe & has everything you need!
  2. You need to see the Rose Gardens - one of the best parts of Portland is it's a city within nature
  3. You have to try Voodoo Doughnuts and Blue Star - all the locals will say they prefer Blue Star
  4. If you don't stand in line at Salt&Straw ...then did you really even go to Portland?
  5. Fresh juice when I travel is a must and Kure has a great story , rad vibe & great juice

Happy Travels

xo Elizabeth Faye