OUT with the Money Cycle- IN with the MONEY $$ PATTERN

Money Pattern Examples 2.png
Money Pattern Examples.png

So if you have attended our workshops you know how amazing this pattern is. I am going to touch on today the Money Pattern with hair and in LIFE. 

We believe so much in our systems and patterns that I have struggled with not being able to teach it all, give it all and show you all that I and my team can. So after over a year of hard work we created WORKSHOP In a BOX. This is an educational subscription coaching program. This coaching program I am so passionate about because I know how it is going to change stylist life's behind the chair. 

You may not know this but I have spent tens of thousands since 2014 on business coaches, social media coaches, mentors, therapist, life coaches and education. They have literally changed my life and been the best money I have ever ever spent. Mind you it was money I did not always have, but I knew investing in my business was the best place to put my money. 

I read a quote that said, "STOP saving your money for a rainy day and start spending it on things that WILL make you money!" 

Scary thought?? But so true. 

My coaches are still dear friends of mine and I still work closely with them. I have learned the value of investing into my business. I want to share some of the best advice I was ever given was from one of my coaches years and years ago when I launched my first e-course (which you probably haven't heard about because it was NOT a success.) hahaha

She said to me,  "Elizabeth Faye, until you let go of your bullshit story and stop clinging to fear you will never have more. You will never get more LOVE, more SUCCESS, more MONEY or more HAPPINESS. You are holding onto the love, money, things and happiness you have for dear life because you are terrified you will never get more. "

I was in the middle of a marriage that was being held together by shitty strings of hope and I was (at least I thought I was...) in the best position I had ever been in. I grew up in an unstable home, living with different families, broken down cars and hand-me-down clothing. So at this point I was driving a Kia, had a town home , a few grand in the bank, a baby, a husband and a job that was paying the bills. I wasn't thriving or happy but hey I was surviving and by all means it sounded good on paper. I was in a very unhealthy relationship and had worked really hard to get to this point in my life. 

The thought of letting go my family unit, the stability of having a husband, a car that had AC and was safe to drive, a roof over my head that was cute and clean and the stability of a warm body in the same bed as me at night was FUCKING terrifying. Who would help me change my tire? Could I pay my own bills? Who would pick my son up from daycare? I'll never be able to buy a home or car. I can't go backwards again...I CAN'T I CAN'T. Who would date me???? How the hell do I even go on a date again? 

As soon as I started functioning in an ABUNDANCE mind frame and stop focusing on my fears it was like magic. I was able to pay for my town home, I was able to use my skills to get MORE clients in the chair, I was able to attract PEACE & the people I needed in my life, I was able to MAKE back the MONEY I needed to spend to be a working single mom. It worked the fuck out! 

Fast forward to today, I have continued to function in this mind set. The money, the time and the peace of mind are not always available but I have learned when there is a WILL there is ALWAYS a WAY.

A L W A Y S.

Believe me I have good friends I cry on their shoulders, moments of WTF am I doing, OMG this if terrifying and amazing coaches and a support team to lift me up. 

SUPPORT team is your life line in GROWTH my friends. 

Get out of the negative Money cycle of fear and not enough and get in the MONEY PATTERN that there will always be enough to go around, you are deserving of wealth and abundance, you are amazing and you surround yourself with awesomeness. 

Take a leap , invest in you. You deserve all the badassness the world has to offer. 

Excuse my realness but I believe in sharing the shit that has shaped us and that's what can help others shape their business and dream life. 

Registration is fully open for the next few months for our year long color, business, social and life coaching program. All of the human beings who shape my life will be interviewed and making appearances along with a community of boss babes & bros who have your back, my team too of course && more hair color education than you could dream of! 

For the price of one service a month you could revolutionize the way you function behind the chair. I would love to see you in the Box. Our whole community is waiting for you with open arms.