Rock-It Waves Tutorial


I am lucky enough to have beautiful friends with great style, that I can con into modeling for me muahahaha.

I worked with Camilla the darling lady behind the fashion blog -The Navy Grace Blog. You really need to go check her out and her instagram it is always so fresh. Well, today I am teaching you about one of my favorite ways to style my hair. It is called THE ROCK-IT WAVE! 

This is great way to your straightener for something other than straight old boring hair. This will give you the three-barrel effect without using a three-barrel.

I actually teach this look in great detail in my upcoming hands-on workshop on April 18th . You can also take my hairstyling class online -learn more here. Anyone can sign up for my hands-on workshop (any age or skill level). I teach everything hair and you can learn all of my tricks on my online course from the comfort of your own home. Well, let’s get to it...


This look takes a bit of practice but it is easy as pie once you get the hang of it, one thing to know is that if it feels awkward you are doing it right. Start out by hair spraying each section you are about to curl with strong hold hairspray and brushing out until it is soft. Take your straightener and turn it horizontally and turn and pull.

Be sure to go slow enough to get a good curl.


Once you have pulled down about an inch or so stop and turn your iron the complete other way. It will make your wrist feel a bit uncomfortable. Then pull down again , this motion is similar to revving a motorcycle. VROOM VROOM!

It helps to hold the ends of the hair for control this way they don’t slip out of the side of your straightening iron. If you are struggling with that go ahead and take sections that are less wide.


Continue this motion all the wave to the ends of the hair. You can choose to pull farther down in between turns or to do them closer together depending on the look you want.


Once your curls have cooled and are no longer warm run your fingers through the hair to break it up.

Give this a good try it takes practice but it is one of those looks that really is "vegas proof". These curls stay in!


Ps: Here is a quick visual of the way it looks when you are doing it on your own hair (click each image for a larger view)!