Sprinkle Eyeshadow Tutorial


Prepare yourself for the cutest thing you have ever seen. I may or may not have squealed with joy when I tried this for the first time.

Okay actually, let me paint you a picture. It is August (yes, I have been Halloweening since then) and I am in the living room trying to figure out what will make sprinkles stick to my eye. I finally figure out what works best and I run into the bedroom to show my husband how clever I am. Mind you, I am in my jammies and have no makeup on EXCEPT sprinkles! He responds by shaking his head and saying, "Ooooh hell, babe!". 

Due to his lack of excitement, I questioned the coolness of this tutorial but I am pretty much obsessed with it and wish I could go grocery shopping with sprinkle eyeshadow on :)

Being a product junkie and party enthusiast, this little tutorial is what my perfect worlds colliding looks like. I hope it makes you as giddy as it makes me.


1. The magical glitter glue, Urban Decay's Bondage

2. Traditional Rainbow Sprinkles from your local Grocery Store

3. A Birthday Party, Halloween Party or Fab Event to attend !

1. Apply Bondage heavily to your eyelid, you can apply with or without makeup on. I will say, it works a bit better applied to a clean eyelid.

2. Pour sprinkles into your hand while the product is wet.

3. Smudge the sprinkles onto your eyelid and clean up by wiping away any stray sprinkles.

4. Top off with some pink or red lip stick and maybe go throw some confetti!

So if you loved this...be a doll and pin it for me! Thanks babes xoxo I love you for reading my crazy holiday tutorials.

Photo credit: Amie Pendel

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