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Best Straightening Iron Curl Tutorial Ever

Here is the promised tutorial. I have shared this a couple times but it is the most informative tutorial you will find on straightening iron curls. I mean EVERYTHING. Master it now like a pro. Pro tips are all yours.

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How to Curl Hair with a Straightener

"How in the world do you curl hair like that with a straightener?" said every client ever. I am here to help you, every single step of the way my friend.

If you haven't already noticed, I have been teaming up with Camilla at the Navy Grace Fashion Blog. Every week she styles a new spring outfit & shares her fashion finds & I have been sharing a hair tutorial. This week we are teaming up to share one of Camilla's favorites "Straightening Iron Curls". This is also a favorite on Pinterest and with the LOB (long bob) if you didn't know.

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Rock-It Waves Tutorial

I am lucky enough to have beautiful friends with great style, that I can con into modeling for me muahahaha.

I worked with Camilla the darling lady behind the fashion blog -The Navy Grace Blog. You really need to go check her out and her instagram it is always so fresh. Well today I am teaching you about one of my favorite ways to style my hair. It is called THE ROCK IT WAVE! 

This is great way to your straightener for something other than straight old boring hair. This will give you the three barrel effect without using a three barrel.

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