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How to Style A Beanie Four Ways

The smell of Pumpkin lattes has got me all geared up for boot socks, layers and beanies. Bikinis, see ya later! Truth be told, I was still getting ready for bikini season anyways so bringing on those fall leaves and leather jackets baby! Can anyone deny that a leather jacket automatically makes your bad-ass-0-meter go up by like a bazillion. Beanies kind of give me that same bad girl vibe and make getting ready a breeze, if you want jazz it up , I got you covered.

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Pros & Cons of the Undercut Trend

Sometimes my inner punk teen gets the best of me, even as a married/mother/business owning adult you need to let your freak flag fly. I recently joined the undercut club, and I'm feeling cool as ever. I'm pretty ecstatic to be rocking a trend that celebs like Rihanna, Rosario Dawson, Ellie Goulding and my all time girl crush Grimes are proving to be a trend worth a try.  

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Victoria's Secret Volume Trick

It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret models have fabulous blowouts and the perfect amount of volume. The kind of volume that just appears bouncy, flowing and effortless. Well my friends, the secret is out,  the hair stylist behind the stage have this amazing natural volume trick!

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Unicorn Festival Hair Tutorial

Festival Season is upon us and you may not know but my husband goes to Coachella almost every year and other festivals as well. So at our house it is music season all year. 

I went to Coachella when we first got married (and I was pregnant) so I basically should win an award or something because if you have ever been outside for four whole days in Palm Springs with violent morning sickness (which is not only in the morning! it's "all day sickness")  you would understand why I should receive a medal or something of the sort.

I didn't quite have the hippy/dreamy/psychedelic experience I was hoping for but I will say this I love music festival fashion. I will be sharing some boho babe looks, fashion finds, music your ears need and some Coachella tips if you are going this year.

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How to Curl Hair with a Straightener

"How in the world do you curl hair like that with a straightener?" said every client ever. I am here to help you, every single step of the way my friend.

If you haven't already noticed, I have been teaming up with Camilla at the Navy Grace Fashion Blog. Every week she styles a new spring outfit & shares her fashion finds & I have been sharing a hair tutorial. This week we are teaming up to share one of Camilla's favorites "Straightening Iron Curls". This is also a favorite on Pinterest and with the LOB (long bob) if you didn't know.

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Easy Classic Updo

Every woman loves a classic updo, I mean who could possibly deny a flair of Audrey Hepburn in your next "night out" ?

Well ladies, I've got you covered. You can achieve this polished classy look in less than 10 minutes and all you will need is red lip to top it off.

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Rivendell Elvish Braids Tutorial

You may or may not know this about me but I LOVE the Lord of the Rings Movies&Books. With that comes my love for the Hobbit as well. I actually named my son after a character from Lord of The Rings. There you go, funny fact about my little family.

When I watched the Hobbit movie (In 3d Imax, ooooohhhh yeahhhh) I was overwhelmed with a deep deep love and obsession for the Elvish braids. Like I really want to throw on a pair of ears and make a video. I really might do this, so don't be alarmed if I do. 

But on to braiding!....

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My Favorite Products For Damaged Hair

Today I want to talk about when to spend and when to splurge when it comes to products.

Most of us have either heat damaged or chemical damaged hair or both! When it comes to mask and leave in conditioner the answer is simple, SPLURGE!

When people ask me what my top 3 MUST have products are I believe that across the board, no matter your hair type/texture, you NEED.....

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Best Detangling Product Ever

I first heard about this product three years ago. I didn't have a baby and was given a sample and for some odd reason I kept it because well I am a product junkie. When I had my son, who was born with a complete FULL head of hair I started running into "baby dreads". You know, when your baby wakes up from a nap and has a huge dread of hair in the back. I dug through my product drawer and tried this baby out. I have been addicted ever since.

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