The Everyday Makeup Tutorial


I have been wanting to do an "everyday makeup" tutorial for awhile so I am really excited about this one.

From being in the salon I hear the confessions of many women, very often. This I am actually very thankful for because it makes me feel human. I am going to rant for a moment before I get back to my original point.

So I have two jobs, I am a hairdresser and I am a beauty/fashion blogger. Both are very very different from one another. I am very well adjusted and seasoned in hairdressing but when it comes to the online word I am a new born babe. I am learning, making mistakes and having fun. I have the whole "hair/makeup thing" down pat it's the whole "pinterest", "widgets", "editing" thing I am learning more and more about.

One of the biggest differences is that in the online world is you don't see people for who they truly are.

The world is being viewed through rose-colored glasses. We don't post our piles of laundry, stack of dishes, no-makeup selfies, broken down cars, student loan bills, divorce papers, family issues, health complications, miscarriage details, etc... We leave that stuff for ourselves.

Which I am not saying I wish the world would post horrible and negative things (those are better left to be shared with family and friends), I am just saying NOT TO BE HARD ON YOURSELF because of a PRETTY PICTURE.

You never know the flip side and trust me they have laundry that needs to be done too.  On the flip side in hairdressing I do hear all the details and this may sound odd but I am very thankful that people trust me enough to spill out their souls.

Something beautiful that comes from that is that my clients/friends who trust me enough, don't know but they are giving me something so priceless. Hearing everyones "junk" in a world so full of "pretty pictures" makes me feel human and let's me know I am NOT ALONE and no one can DO IT ALL,

BE IT ALL and I am not a FAILURE and I am BEAUTIFUL and good ENOUGH. I wanted to share this insight because not very many people are lucky enough to see both sides of women in this way.

I see the beautiful and the ugly, and it's the ugly that makes us human and that is what is truly beautiful. So smile because you are wonderful, beautiful and perfectly enough...pst I have dishes I should be doing right now too.

Here we go, back to my original point... MAKEUP!


Basically start with your basic everyday foundation routine, foundation, contour, blush, concealer... etc..

I just ordered new foundation, my friend Cara just relaunched her makeup line and it is AMAZING. Everything you need in one palette and she created an amazing two in one brush that I love. That is what I recommend and you can buy it here and find lots of tutorials on how to use it on her blog right here.


For this look I am using my Naked Basics Palette, I honestly use this palette everyday in some way, I LOVE it. It has all your basics covered and is great for travel or makeup on the go (meaning in my car haha). I am not against using cheaper eyeshadow I just know, you get what you pay for.

Side Note: I really love eyeshadows with strong pigment so I tend to love brands like Mac CosmeticsUrban Decay Naked Palettes and Smash Box Shadows.


I started with "Venus", the lightest color to the far left and applied under my eyebrow and in the corner of my eye.


I like to work lightest to darkest that way I can use the same brush if I need to.  Then I went in with "Naked 2" it's a nice taupe color, very neutral and beautiful on any skin tone. I was the makeup specialist at the Paul Mitchell School for 2 1/2 years and all of our basic eye shadow techniques were built off using a taupe shadow in the crease. It's a great way to "play it safe", you can always add more color!  Pat in the color slightly above your crease. Then use a blending brush to blend, use wind shield wiper motions to buff out the color so there is a seamless transition.


Now let's bump it up a tiny bit using "Faint", use the same technique of patting the color on but this time apply to the outer corner of the crease (not the entire crease). We are ADDING not completely OVER LAPPING. Again buff out the color using a blending brush.


Now take an angled brush and dab a bit of "Faint" onto your brush. Add some depth to your lower lash line. I apply mine from the outer corner to about the center of my eye, then I went in with a blending brush to buff out the color. This a natural alternative to eyeliner, it still adds some depth without making this an "evening look".


Of course we are going to top it off with mascara and lip gloss. You can find everything I used listed below.

I am really excited for you to try this, it is really easy and one of my top favorite ways to wear my makeup. Let me know how it goes for you , I would love to see pictures and be sure to tag me if you post!