Toddler Fashion for Boys


Do you ever find your self so out of touch with certain parts of yourself? While you were on this like partial mental hiatus that you were able to get to know another part of yourself you didn't know about? Do I sound deep? I am feeling pretty deep right now guys haha.

I am about to get a bit personal, I was thrown into motherhood mid-career, newly married and completely mentally unprepared and found myself at a loss for words, thoughts, and emotions. I hate to admit it but it took me a while to adjust and I honestly feel like I am just barely getting used to my life and feeling like I could attempt to honestly say, "I am getting in a groove.". I guess I take a minute to adjust to change and find my footing.

Motherhood, marriage and running a one-woman show has shown me that I have unbelievable strength but that I am in fact NOT super-woman, super-mom or super anything and that is okay. I am only human. I cannot manage to do everything, something must fall through the cracks and things must be prioritized and something have to go on the back burner.

I guess my "my dream ass" , sleep, and blog has been one of those things.  So on that note, I have had to mentally vacate myself from certain "things I want /need to do" in order to take care of priorities and most importantly still have a life that can feel happy on the inside.

I have felt closer with both my boys in the last 6 months than I ever have, I have been attempting to manage a large increase in my business and shift you could say, buying a home, car and my husband has changed jobs recently.

Things have been moving and shaking over here like a freaking jumping house.

With all the adjusts I can say that we are all doing great, and I finally feel like saying, " Okay world, I think I can actually be an adult and do this grown-up thing. And maybe I know what I might want to be when I grow up. Let's do this!"

So my point is, sometimes hiatuses are good.

Sometimes they are great and everyone’s timing is different. Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 10. Just do what you can do now, and what feels happy on the inside and the rest will come when it's good and ready. And it will be beautiful.


Speaking of beautiful, I am going to totally brag about this little shit/sunshine of my life. He is obsessed with that Teddy bear, we call him "Ted". Clever, I know. Don't get me started on the binky, the stupid binky with the toy connected. Great invention, for an INFANT.

You look pretty ridiculous once you are like one with this thing but you come and try to live with this toddler and take that binky away. I dare you. I wanted to share some of my personal favorites that I buy for my little man.


Read this if you like funny stories: That rocker is darling right, it's the Pottery Barn rocker. I bought it because it was on super sale and I couldn't figure out why. My son is riding it at home and I was showing my husband how happy he was.

Taylor looked at me and said, "Why would you buy a rocker that says NATHAN on it?"   Me thinking to myself, "Oh, that's why it was so cheap!"

I personally hate the name NATHAN due to an evil boy who was in my second-grade class but I am too lazy to take it off the rocker so we just decided that it must be the bear’s name. The family calls it NATHAN and if you tell Strider to go hug/kiss/ride NATHAN he will gladly.


Electric Collective is the coolest shop of baby-kids for boys & girls. All of these shirts are their's and we love them, they are the American Apparel shirts so they stretch, wear and wash great. Strider is wearing a 2T in all of these.

Okay, these jeans. Before you judge me on the price let me tell you ...they are worth it. They stretch so well (buy up in size by one size) they fit snug but loose like he has worn these since he was literally 9 months old and is still wearing them. They are a little short so we roll them up and when we started we rolled them up because they were too long. They fit so cute, wear good, have the best washes and I think the girls’ skinny / boyfriend jeans are darling.

So there you go, don't judge me. I love them and get complimented all the time. I picked out some cute ones below.

Hudson Little Girls' Ginny Crop Toddler, Blasted Blue, 2T

Hudson Little Boys' ABC Straight Leg Pant, Mid Grey, 2T

Hudson Little Girls' Boyfriend Jean Toddler, Orion, 2T

Best baby/kid hair detangler ever- read review more info here !

Black converse -Converse Toddlers Chuck Taylor OX Classic Black Monoch Basketball Shoe 9 Infants US

Binky Spritz- BinkySpritz Kid-Safe Cleaning Spray   Best product for cleaning that dirty binky on the go ! Please tell me your child is obsessed too so I can feel less bad about it hahahaa

Tubby Todd- Great Bath set (I will be doing a review on it in the future ) but the sum of it is, I LOVE IT! ---- Tubby Todd Shop

Well, I have some more news I have to wait & share but have fun shopping and thanks for all the love and support, I have the best clients, followers, friends in the world. And there is an AMAZING GIVEAWAY( because you all are so amazing) below so be sure to enter this one. It really is a bomb. com one. Enter, enter and freaking good luck!!!!!!

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