Victoria's Secret Volume Trick

It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret models have fabulous blowouts and the perfect amount of volume. The kind of volume that just appears bouncy, flowing and effortless. Well, my friends, the secret is out,  the hairstylist behind the stage has this amazing natural volume trick!


It’s called dry styling.

*First apply mousse to the roots and base of clean hair.

*Work into the scalp by massage in the product with your hands.

*Then take your blowdryer and turn it on high heat and hold the hair directly up.

*Blow-dry the mousse into the root of the hair.

*Make sure the air is flowing in the direction of the hair.

*Walla, wind blow volume!

Another pro trick is to use dry shampoo on clean air and spray it into the roots. Work it into the hair with your hands. It will add texture and volume and is a lifesaver for flat or fine hair.

Always be sure to shake your dry shampoo before using, and spray about 6 inches away from the scalp. That will help not leave any white residue (especially on darker hair).