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Are you interested in extensions?

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Hair extensions are game changers! feel sexier in minutes by adding length, volume , thickness or color! hair extensions literally changed my life 

serious hair dreams come true

It's proven that women who wear extensions have better sex lifes, are higher paid and happier parents! Crazy right? It's amazing what feeling as beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside can do for your CONFIDENCE and life. 

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For years I have been frustrated that my hair won't grow past a certain point, the ends never seem as full as I like and bleach damages my hair but I love being blonde. I never felt more put together, stunning or beautiful then when I would wear extensions. Suddenly my whole attitude would change. So I had to share it with other women. I was committed to finding a way to color and apply extensions that was the best. Creating a luxury service for women who dared to feel their best, be there best and look their best.

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the method:

 Elizabeth Faye is a certified NBR extension specialist.

working with only the highest quality of human hair to match the look , feel and texture of your hair. this technique matched with Elizabeth Faye's signature natural coloring methods that are wildly popular nation wide make the perfect marriage of creating #hairgoals  


How we color differently?

Elizabeth Faye uses her color mapping system to customize each clients features, tones, and natural coloring to create your perfect color. matched with her customize color on your extensions.  


What is nbr?

NBR is a luxury technique that and group of hairstylist that are certified in this unique TECHNIQUE of extension APPLICATION. this technique is the most light weight, natural and customized way out there to get extensions that look like your real hair. with less damage, and flexibility to wear up , down, curled or straight. it's the perfect way to enhance your length , fullness, body, color or all the above.  


what is the maintenance like?

Lucky for you we created an easy system to maintain your color and extensions. you will be on rotation every 6-8 weeks and alternate between full, facial, and treatment services with your color. this will extend the life of your hair, color and keep the INTEGRITY and shine.