welcome babe 

We love to share what we are passionate about...I mean come on we are hairstylist! Sharing is what we do ALL DAY. 

I have worked for a decade behind the chair and spent half that time educating along side of balayaging my life away. 

I love what I do, I love the people I do it with and I love helping other stylist achieve their dreams and make LIVING THEIR BEST damn life a real possibility. 

Introducing...the color that gives back. It's like a pat on the back for being a badass and spending your hard earned money on top of the line shizzz to make your clients beautiful. It's all about sharing the hair bestie magic!


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have you heard of jack winn color???

Jack spent his days dreaming of improving the way hairdressers color hair and enjoy their lives. As a salon owner, he pondered how he could help his hairdressers improve their earning potential. Over the years he realized there was a way to do both, and that is how Jack Winn Color was born. After spending over a year formulating truly unique and artisnal hair color line, he sold his salon to bring his dream to life. His entrepreneurial dreams are now fueling the dreams of colorists as they earn more by using better products — transforming the industry we all love.

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Meet Brillant. It's bomb for foils, babylights, color corrections and scalp applications. It your go to lightener with a KICK. 

Safe, clean, such clean lift, strong lift and priced right. 

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Paint paint paint 


We asked hairdressers “What do you want in your balayage lightener?”

Smooth Application.
No Transfer.
Even Lift.
But mostly you wanted...
More Lift.

Your clay lightener stops lifting when it dries out—but that’s also how it isolates. Brilliant Paint creates a shell—rather than drying completely—so it keeps lifting on the inside and keeps working as long as you need. Thanks to this outer drying technology, you can free paint, confident that your lightener will stay where you put it. And its texture and application glide on so you can create the most seamless blends.

With so much more to LOVE, we would love to help you get started on trying Jack Winn out. As a hairstylist we feel like it's our duty to TRY it all and be using only the best on our guest.