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Elizabeth’s Story

Driven, hardworking, spunky and professional entrepreneur, mother, hairstylist and girl boss extraordinaire, Elizabeth Faye started her romance with the beauty industry at the ripe age of twelve.

Born and raised in downtown Las Vegas and quite the troubled teen, she decided to make a statement by cutting and coloring her own hair. Disappointed, her parents and private school dean suspended her from school. This attempt landed her a lucky seat at a celebrity salon at the Mandalay Bay for the classic “color correction”. This experience led to her first mentor and hairstylist, who helped the young girl out by doing her hair complimentary if she would only bring back her report card with better grades on it.

Slowly “C’s turned into “B’s” and “B’s” turned into “A’s”. She was mentored by this stylist and the entire Salon team in Las Vegas/Chicago. She swept floors, served guests, shampooed hair for free, all which ultimately landed her a full-blown job position and the many amazing job opportunities that came through the company after.

One act of kindness behind the chair changed my life.

While passionately working in the beauty industry since 2009 she has been able to work around the globe, performing on stages and working alongside the industry's leading artists. She has performed on stages globally, all major hair shows nationwide, worked NYFW, worked major music videos, worked with celebrity clients and been published and recognized by online magazines and print magazines such as Behind the Chair, Allure, Modern Salon, American Salon, Modern Salon, Colorist Mag, Hair's Hot Now and featured on countless blogs.

She was nominated for and won Paul Mitchell’s "Next Top Editorial Stylist”, beating out 1000 other applicants who were also fighting for the title. Even Hair’s How Magazine has covered her story in a full-page spread at the ripe age of seventeen.

Fast forward her career to now. She has proved her rags to riches story to be a true testament of determination and hard work paying off.  

She is now a single mother who owns her own successful namesake salon that has been published and is known for her signature effortless color and gorgeous extensions.

In 2015 Elizabeth Faye's blonding education was founded and she was at the forefront of independent education companies who were making an impact in the industry. Since 2015 Elizabeth Faye and her team have taught thousands of stylists and been to over 70 cities and taught over 100 classes. She is known for her natural coloring techniques and methods and painting blondes with a paintbrush. She is also an expert at color, placing and working with extensions. 

What truly sets Elizabeth's education apart is Elizabeth's passion for educating stylists in their business on their business. There is so much more to hair than hair. She is a proud Color Brand Ambassador for Redken and gets to share her message on stages and at shows. Her passion baby- Hair Love Tribe was launched in 2017 and has been a revolution in the beauty industry.

To that note, she is now that founder of her Hair Love Retreat and Events which is an Event and Media Source for hairstylist who want to spread their light. Hair Love has a yearly big Retreat where they collaborate with the brightest minds in the beauty, business and wellness industry. The Retreat is hosted off the grid for four days and it consist of workshops, performances, hiking, yoga, wellness workshops, amazing food and relaxation. It is a life changing weekend for leaders, dreamers and hairstylist who want more out of life. Hair Love also host Pop Up Events with incredible speakers in different locations allowing hairstylist to network and mingle in the perfect setting. Hair Love's newest venture is their Podcast Hair Love Radio which is a channel for women in business, hairstylist and any dreamer.

"Greatness is not reserved for a chosen few. it's reserved for those who choose it." 

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Hire Elizabeth Faye to speak at your next big event, business mastermind, retreat or conference. She specializes in speaking to hairstylist/salon owners or women in creative business fields.

She offers 3 different key notes. The topics are

-Hairstylist Change the World (which teaches the importance of education)

-Joy Driven Branding (A keynote or mini workshop on how to build a dream brand that is abundant AF)

-Community Building like Nobody Else- (How to grow and foster a community and why it is crucial)

She only has a few spots left for speaking in 2020 please fill out the form below with your information and information about the event and we can schedule a call to go over your amazing event!

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 You can Elizabeth on Instagram @heyelizabethfaye and check out her salon @elizabethfayesalon