bunk room.jpg

PRICE $3500


Bunk rooms and multiple shared bathrooms in the mansion

You will have your own bed

You will receive an amazing swag bag

It’s the ultimate hairstylist slumber party!

shared room.jpg

 PRICE $4000

(per stylist)


**Must book with your stylist bestie or room-mate you are wanting to share a room with that way we know you are room buddies!

Shared private room.

Shared bathrooms.

You will each receive an amazing swag bag!

vip suite.jpg

price $4500



You will stay in your own private relaxing room and bath.

You will receive VIP swag and trust us it's incredible



All ticket sales are final and tickets will not be refunded. Fully paid off tickets may be transferred to another stylist or sold to another stylist in the case of an emergency. Payments are considered non refundable money containers.  


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