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Getting ready with Mommy

Being a mom, getting ready isn't typically a glamorous experience. The truth is my most peaceful experience getting ready are when I let him destroy something valuable so I have mastered the art of getting ready really fast. I have become pro at quick tricks. Getting quick volume, fast pinterest curls, contouring and driving, and other dangerous things. The first picture is what I think getting ready will look like in the mind...that is.

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Sprinkle Eyeshadow Tutorial

Prepare yourself for the cutest thing you have ever seen. I may or may not have squealed with joy when I tried this for the first time.

Okay actually, let me paint you a picture. It is August (yes, I have been Halloweening since then) and I am in the living room trying to figure out what will make sprinkles stick to my eye. I finally figure out what works best and I run into the bedroom to show my husband how clever I am. Mind you, I am in my jammies and have no makeup on EXCEPT sprinkles! He responds by shaking his head and saying, "Ooooh hell, babe!". 

Due to his lack of excitement, I questioned the coolness of this tutorial but I am pretty much obsessed with it and wish I could go grocery shopping with sprinkle eyeshadow on :)

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